5 Tips to Sell Your Home in Westchester (or any other area)

How to Sell Your Home This Spring

Home Selling Tip #1

Get your mind right!  One of the things that I recommend is that sellers mentally part ways with their homes first and view your home through the eyes of a generic buyer rather than you.  It is far easier said than done. It is difficult to tell yourself that your home, this "just" a house that I need to sell.", but it is important!   Keep your focus on the future and look forward to your new homes.  As tough as it is try to view this as a business transaction based upon the current market.  While it is challenging to detach yourself from the home personally, this is a key and necessary step in the process.  

Anonymize Your Home!  Tip #2

It is time to take down photos of your children, grand-kids, weddings, and promotions. These may be important items to you but we want the focus on selling your home!  Remove religious items, if you can.  This can be a touchy subject but we want to appeal to the widest possible range of potential buyers.  We don't want them wondering you. We simply want them to visualize themselves and their belongings.  We want that buyer to say "I can see myself living here!"  
De-Clutter! Tip #3

Now is the time to be a minimalist!  Pack up your knickknacks and collectibles.  Done correctly, your home might "feel empty to you. That is ok! You want to maximize your home's space.  If you need help, get it.  Not all Sellers are emotionally able to de-clutter their home without assistance.  If you need home staging or de-cluttering professionals with this let me know, I will provide you with a few great local resources to help get your clutter packed away, donated, and/or stored.  
Make the RIGHT Repairs! Tip #4

This is where I can be a great resource for you as a seller. Let's look at your home and evaluate WHICH repairs are worth it (that will bring a return on your investment) and which will not. Knowing which will be the most helpful is important. 
You can sell homes in all types of conditions but getting the high value repairs correct is crucial.
Target the right price!  Tip #5

Your home looks great, smells good, is repaired, and is super clean.  Now it is time to re-evaluate the market and price your home.  Pricing your home correctly is paramount for success.  Pricing too low may result in a very quick sale and even multiple offers.  It could also result in leaving some of your equity with the buyer instead of in your pocket.  Pricing your home too high will reduce the number of showings and elongate days on market and possibly miss your ideal buyer as they may not even find your home in their search.  From experience, pricing your home within 2% to 4% of anticipated market value is best to maximize your results.  Many sellers are tempted and push their pricing over 5% above market.  This strategy typically backfires as showings are impacted dramatically and the seller ends up chasing the market downward with multiple price reductions. Setting a high price and being willing to negotiate will not drive the necessary showing traffic to generate an offer.  Remember that you are competing with other sellers and buyers recognize value since they are looking at the competition as well as your home.  Price it right the first time around and you will receive the best return!

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