Advantages of Working with a Cooperating Broker: A Seller’s Guide

As a seller, working with a professional buyer’s agent can provide you with a host of benefits. Together, we collaborate to showcase your home in its best light with a broad pool of qualified buyers, ensuring a more efficient contract-to-close process for everyone involved.

Here are some benefits:

  1. HIGHER SALES PRICE: The commission cost is generally factored into an offer one way or another. If buyers who need financing pay commissions out of their down payment, the typical result is a reduction in offer price that could be greater than the commission amount paid.
  2. INCREASED EXPOSURE FOR YOUR LISTING: A buyer’s agent can help get your listing in front of interested buyers with whom they are already working, maximizing your home’s exposure in a competitive market. More eyes mean more interest and having multiple interested parties is a significant driver for the final sales price.
  3. MORE QUALIFIED BUYERS: The guidance and expertise of a buyer’s agent increase the likelihood that you are moving forward with qualified buyers who are informed, financially capable and ready to transact. This also reduces the potential for the deal to fall apart, resulting in a more efficient and painless sales process for you.
  4. SEAMLESS CONTRACT-TO-CLOSE: Buyer agents provide guidance and support to buyers throughout the entire contract-to-close process. This means as your listing agent, I will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated agent on the deal’s complexities to ensure an objective approach and a seamless transaction.
  5. ELIMINATE VARIABLES: Offers are easier to evaluate and compare when the payment of commission is not an added variable.
  6. REDUCES SELLER LIABILITY: Having professional representation more readily ensures that buyer completes their investigations to their true satisfaction, thoroughly review and understand seller disclosures, and complete each required step along the way. This usually results in a well-informed buyer and lessens buyer’s remorse.

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