Luxury Homes and Price per Square Foot

One of the questions that people have about our website is "Why do you include Price per Square Foot" on the pages such as the Pelham Real Estate page or the Scarsdale page, for example.

Aside from the obvious answer that people ask us about it,  the truth is that when you are comparing specific homes, it can be useful. Many of the pages of our site are for SMALLER neighborhoods where only a few homes are for sale, where price per square foot is an important variable.

On a larger scale, luxury homes have a VERY WIDE band of price per square foot figures, far more so that of lower end homes. This is because luxury homes greatly vary in the land that they are built on. The difference between an estate with a gorgeous view of the ocean and a home in a nice, but not exclusive area of the county can be huge. 

Other sources of this wide disparity are the amenities that come with the home. The bottom line is that luxury home prices are better determined by looking at comparable homes with the same set of amenities rather than simply being the same size. 

This makes finding the market value of your home tougher to pinpoint than ever. Thinking of selling? I am happy to provide a complete and thorough Market Analysis  of what your home would bring in today's real estate market. We will find properties to compare with yours that give us SOLID information and help you to price your home correctly.  Give me a call today!

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