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Sleeping Bags and Chandeliers

Blend the Comforts of Home and the Beauty of Nature with Glamping WRITTEN BY JEANINE MATLOW Glamping—one of the hottest trends in the travel industry—merges the best of both worlds. When camping goes glam with a tree house, ...

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Luxury Homes and Price per Square Foot

One of the questions that people have about our website is "Why do you include Price per Square Foot" on the pages such as the Pelham Real Estate page or the Scarsdale page, for example. Aside from the obvious answer that people ask us about ...

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Schools and Home Values in Westchester County

When finding the perfect home for you, sometimes you need to look at things that have nothing to do with your current situation. There are numerous examples of this, but one of the most often cited are schools. Let's say that you are looking at two ...

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