Not Ready to sell your home just yet?

In any real estate market, there are people who are ready to buy right now. There are people who are thinking about buying at some point in the near future. And there are those who will not buy for a long time into the future. 

On the selling side, there are also people who are ready to sell right now, those who are thinking about it but not ready yet, and those who will not be a seller for quite a number of years.

This blog post is specifically for seller who are thinking about selling, but not quite ready to move. Maybe in 6 months. Maybe in a year. Or maybe two. This post is for those who are considering it, but for whatever reason they are not ready to right now.

Let's have a conversation. Let's take a look at your plans. Let me help you with some solid facts and information about the real estate market. Let me help you with things like:

  1. What are home values doing in our market right now? 
  2. What improvements to your home can you make to maximize your homes' value when you ARE ready to sell?
  3. A checklist that you can start on now so that the process is less stressful.
  4. The latest trends and colors that people are looking for when buying a home.

I am working with sellers and buyers in the Westchester market every day. I am happy to assist you in getting the right information so that when you are ready, it is lower stress and more success. No pressure to sell, just facts and information that you need so that you can make good decisions. 

Let's get in touch! You can reach me at (914) 844-8527. Want a COMPLETE analysis of your home's value? Fill out the form below and I will provide one at NO COST or Obligation.

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