Smart Moves in Today's Market...

Thinking of Selling? Not Sure?

In today's real estate market, we are dealing with a number of uncertainties. Each of these variables could make the decision to sell a difficult one to sort out. Let me help you walk through these by providing some insight and information.

What homes are available for us to move up to?

Maybe you have your eye on a new home in Westchester or an area that you really would love to live in. What you hear all around you is that people are having a hard time submitting an winning offer that buys the home so you are concerned about moving up. Should you just stay put in your current home? 

I am not sure what my home will bring? Will it be enough? How long will it take to sell?

In general, homes are moving pretty quickly these days, but you are worried about how YOUR home will stack up against the competition. Will it sell for enough to help you get your dream home? 

What Improvements and Repairs will maximize my return?

Perhaps you are living in a home that needs a few repairs. You are not sure which ones are best done right away, which can wait and which updates and upgrades will be the most appealing to buyers. You have limited resources. Where is the BEST place to invest those resources?

What is the best pricing strategy for today's real estate market?

You have heard it all from friends and neighbors. Some say to price your home high and slowly lower it until you receive an offer that you can work with. Others say to start your home at a price that will encourage a bidding war. What is the best strategy? What works TODAY in Westchester County?

I provide expert guidance. That is what I am here for.

All of these questions have concrete answers. I can point you to the data, the resources and the facts. I am happy to sit down with you, discuss your personal situation in depth, and provide you with the guidance you need so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. 

Give me a call. Let's chat.

If you are ready for a confidential conversation and the guidance you need, please give me a call. I will be happy to schedule a time with you and let's get you the answers that fit your situation today.

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