The Best Local Chocolates, Spirits and Bubbles For Your Valentine In The Sound Shore

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're looking to make this day special for your loved one, why not consider some delicious local chocolates, spirits, and bubbles? Here are some of the best options in the Sound Shore.


  1. Cocoa - This charming chocolate shop in Larchmont offers a wide variety of handcrafted barks and other chocolate treats. Made with the finest ingredients, pick up a tin today.

  2. Lovingly Chocolate - This Larchmont-based chocolate shop is known for its artisanal chocolates made with premium ingredients. They offer a wide range of truffles, bars, and other chocolate treats that are perfect for gift giving or indulging in yourself. They are famous for their Best of Westchester Sea Salt Caramel Truffles.


  1. Neversink Distillery - This Port Chester-based distillery offers a variety of handcrafted spirits, including gin, brandy, and bourbon. Give your Valentine a locally made spirit!

  2. Winetasters - This wine and spirits shop in Larchmont offers a great selection of premium liquors, including some hard-to-find bottles. They also offer tastings and events, so check their calendar to see what's happening during Valentine's Day.


  1. G Griffin Wine and Spirits - This Rye-based wine shop offers a great selection of sparkling wines, including Champagne, Prosecco, and Cava. This local shop is known for its service and selection of wines, bubby and spirits.

  2. Blue Dog Wines and Spirits - This beloved wine shop in Pelham offers a wide range of sparkling wines, including some rare and hard-to-find bottles. They also offer wine tastings and events, so be sure to check their calendar for any special Valentine's Day offerings.

No matter what your preferences are, these local chocolates, spirits, and bubbles are sure to make your Valentine's Day special. So why not head out and treat your loved one to a delicious and romantic evening in Larchmont, Pelham, or Rye, New York?

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