Insights from the Compass National Real Estate Report


As we navigate through 2024, the real estate market continues to present new challenges and opportunities. The latest Compass National Real Estate Market Report, April 2024,  provides crucial insights that can help both buyers and sellers make informed decisions. As a dedicated real estate professional in Westchester County, I am here to break down these insights and what they mean for you.

Key Insights from the National Real Estate Market Report April 2024

  1. Stabilizing Prices: After a turbulent few years, prices are beginning to stabilize in many parts of the country. For Westchester County, this means buyers might soon find more predictable pricing, making it a potentially ideal time to invest or buy a home.

  2. Inventory Levels: Nationally, inventory levels are gradually increasing, but they remain low compared to pre-pandemic levels. In Westchester, this low inventory continues to drive competition among buyers, emphasizing the importance of being well-prepared and market-ready.

  3. Interest Rates: Interest rates have moderated slightly but remain a critical factor in decision-making. Understanding how these rates affect your purchasing power is key to navigating the current market.

  4. Regional Trends: Different regions are experiencing varying trends, with some seeing more significant price corrections. For residents and prospective buyers in Sound Shore communities like Pelham, Larchmont, and Rye, it's crucial to understand local dynamics, which may differ significantly from national averages.

How to Navigate the Market

  • For Buyers: Prepare your finances and get pre-approved. In a competitive market like Westchester's, having your financials in order can make all the difference.
  • For Sellers: Consider the timing of your sale and how current market conditions affect your property’s value. A tailored marketing strategy that highlights the unique aspects of your home can attract the right buyers.


Navigating the real estate market can be complex, but with the right information and guidance, you can make strategic decisions that align with your goals. Whether you are buying or selling in Westchester County, I am here to provide expert advice and insights derived from the latest market data.

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